Paceville (Late Nights)

from CB6 Sessions by Frank Fiott x LXE



Late nights, but too early mornings
I’m always surrounded by people but I’m always alone
I feel like I haven’t been out in weeks
Yet I can’t remember what it is to sleep
I should be doing something but I’m not
My brain is shot, I don’t feel too hot
I find myself yabbing on with no control
A head like a cabbage with a brain full of mould
I can’t stop the rush, words escape my tongue
Expectations crushed, I don’t know what they are
To me they’re so far
I’m a ghost of myself
Having a dance with Christmas Past, we’re having a blast
A shotgun shell, a bird is felled
I come crashing back to Earth
But I can’t tell if mind will meld
With four hours of sleep and a large bitter coffee
No decaf, I’ll never understand
While I chug on one, too
What’s a boy to do?
I use the term loosely, but ‘man’ never quite fits me
Like I should accomplish more
And know what’s in store
But do we ever know?
Or do we turn to ghosts and piles of ashes
Strawberry gashes and false starts
Broken hearts, false adults
Late nights, but too early mornings
Stop me
I’m coming home
I’m coming home


from CB6 Sessions, released March 27, 2020
Lyrics: Ian Perry
Music: Alex English


all rights reserved



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