Your Band Sucks [Dozy Remix]

from Wishlist by MC iPod



For the past few years I've been putting on shows,
yeah you know,
every day is filled with messages from bands that I don't know.
Asking for a slot, telling me they're great,
telling me they'll be my mate.
I guess by doing this I've kinda sealed my own fate.
I don't care if you've got a video on MTV2,
putting on this band is not something that I wanna do.
So when I say it out loud I don't mean no disrespect,
I figured the best way was just to say it direct.

I'll admit it, I don't understand kids today,
but hey, maybe that's me showing my age?
What the fuck is 'crunkcore'? I think this shit is it.
I wanna take your gig request and throw it in the bin.
I don't wanna hear a band that is jumping on trends,
I wanna hear a band with passion that is trying to make amends
for all those kids I don't think will ever learn their place.
I figured the best way was just to say this to your face.


from Wishlist, released December 18, 2015
Lyrics: Ian Perry
Music: Roseanna Hanson

Vocals recorded by MC iPod. Remix and production by Roseanna "Dozy" Hanson.


all rights reserved



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