1. Goodbye My Love
    Vanilla Pod

  2. Complete discPOGraphy

  3. The Black Museum
    Lay it on the Line

  4. 1,555 Syllables That Mean Everything
    Jake Martin

  5. Split
    Tim Holehouse vs. Malcolm Tent

  6. Aphorisms
    Tragical History Tour

  7. All Lo Fi on the Southern Front
    Kaleb Stewart

  8. Mr. Vampire / Ideza Jail
    Tim Holehouse

  9. Real Thing

  10. I / II

  11. Black Rainbow
    Laura Mardon

  12. End of 2017 Label Sampler
    Various Artists

  13. What's in the Box? - single
    False Adults

  14. Extra Credit
    Mega Ran

  15. Prom Night 2002
    MC iPod

  16. Split
    Tim Holehouse vs. Kaleb Stewart

  17. The Bombs are Getting Closer
    Clown Smash Everything

  18. 204863 Trioxin - single
    False Adults

  19. Old Words EP
    Tragical History Tour

  20. I've Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper
    False Adults

  21. Fawning - single

  22. Things I Wish I'd Said

  23. No Escape

  24. Responsibilities...
    A Great Notion

  25. Come on Home, Hero
    Tragical History Tour

  26. Kill
    Tim Holehouse & Tourette Boys

  27. Go Figure

  28. End of 2016 Label Sampler
    Various Artists

  29. Osborne Heights
    Joe Sullivan

  30. This Tape Sucked Anyways

  31. Glimpses

  32. Demo 2016
    Superstars of Track and Field

  33. Keep Bleeding
    The Doublecross

  34. Odd/Even
    Tim Holehouse

  35. Action and Romance

  36. The Way Back
    Asher Baker

  37. Just
    Tim Holehouse

  38. If it's Just Us

  39. What Am I?
    Tim Loud

  40. Stories - single
    Asher Baker

  41. One Week Record
    Laura Mardon

  42. We Take Them at Dawn
    Jake Martin

  43. Wishlist
    MC iPod

  44. End of 2015 Label Sampler
    Various Artists

  45. The Second Five Years
    MC iPod

  46. The Thing That Sam Did...
    Project Mork

  47. Smell the Blade
    Project Mork

  48. Five / Coloured Out

  49. The Better Parts of You
    Bad Ideas

  50. 1-Up the Punks (or: We Didn't Make it Through This Year and it Fucking Killed Us)
    Bandit the Panther

  51. Constant Fictions

  52. Dead Weight
    Jake and the Jellyfish

  53. On the Road
    Tim Holehouse vs. Tim Loud

  54. A Prelude to the Process
    Lay it on the Line

  55. Music Fwends
    Various Artists

  56. Tour EP
    Tim Holehouse vs. MC iPod

  57. The EPs
    Leagues Apart

  58. Midnight in the Bellagio [Remastered]
    Lay it on the Line

  59. Real American: The Wrestling EP
    MC iPod

  60. A Little Scared EP
    A Great Notion

  61. For Fuck's Sake, Jake
    Jake Martin

  62. Slagheaps

  63. Hasty Pudding EP

  64. The Timeless Destruction
    The Doublecross

  65. Down
    Tim Holehouse

  66. Bar
    Tim Holehouse

  67. Antidote
    Tim Holehouse

  68. Ziplock

  69. The First Two Years
    Fletch Cadillac

  70. Split
    Throwing Stuff vs. Boston Manor

  71. Naomi Randall with Tom Gaskell
    Naomi Randall & Tom Gaskell

  72. Aaahh!!! Real Records & Friends
    Various Artists

  73. Other Half
    Other Half

  74. Split
    Curves and Nerves vs. Ducking Punches

  75. Live in K-Town
    Random Hand

  76. No One Knows Anyone, Not Really: A Discography

  77. Block Fort EP
    Block Fort

  78. Burn it to the Ground
    Demon Smiles

  79. Live
    Bandit the Panther

  80. I Have This Town
    Bandit the Panther

  81. Balance

  82. Covers EP
    Andrew Cream

  83. Adapt and Adjust
    Andrew Cream

  84. Fighter
    Tim Holehouse

  85. Ducking Punches [Deluxe Edition]
    Ducking Punches

  86. Wankers Up!
    Emma Hallows

  87. It's Never OK!
    It's Not OK!

  88. III
    ghosts of sadako

  89. Fiesta de los Muertos
    Mike Scott

  90. Good Sense of Horror
    Gravedale High

  91. A Lesson in Personal Finance
    Lay it on the Line

  92. Greatest Hits
    MC Lars

  93. Sophie Porter
    Sophie Porter

  94. Whiskers

  95. Demo Tape
    Young Attenborough

  96. Broken Window Effect
    Broken Window Effect

  97. Share the Bottle
    The Old Edison vs. Time and Place

  98. Split
    Andrew Cream vs. A Great Notion

  99. Put the Bottle Down, Chinaski
    Ducking Punches

  100. (Almost) Everything Else
    Mike Scott

  101. Scarlet
    Time and Place

  102. Chaos Not Qualifications
    The Tagnuts

  103. Split
    MC iPod vs. This Means War!

  104. The First Five Years
    MC iPod


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