by MC iPod

I guess I finally found something to say Hey, that's the miracle of Christmas day Christmas, Christmas, can I get a witness? Come check out all the things I put on my wishlist I want world peace, or at least peace in the Middle East, drop no bombs on the streets, then we'll have no beef. Politicians using money to buy bombs from their friends, and the rich get richer, man you know that's a trend. Got the bomb, take the oil, go to factories in China, use the plastic to make toys, man you know there's nothing finer. Thousands are now dead and this war is getting bloody, everybody round the tree, merry Christmas everybody.
For the past few years I've been putting on shows, yeah you know, every day is filled with messages from bands that I don't know. Asking for a slot, telling me they're great, telling me they'll be my mate. I guess by doing this I've kinda sealed my own fate. I don't care if you've got a video on MTV2, putting on this band is not something that I wanna do. So when I say it out loud I don't mean no disrespect, I figured the best way was just to say it direct. I'll admit it, I don't understand kids today, but hey, maybe that's me showing my age? What the fuck is 'crunkcore'? I think this shit is it. I wanna take your gig request and throw it in the bin. I don't wanna hear a band that is jumping on trends, I wanna hear a band with passion that is trying to make amends for all those kids I don't think will ever learn their place. I figured the best way was just to say this to your face.


A festive single from Cambridge nerd-rapper MC iPod.

Yes, MC iPod has released some new music. The first in many, many years. What was originally intended to be a bit of a joke turned into a rant about the use of airstrikes in Syria. Not sorry.

Cover sketch by Matthew Knight-Hoggart.




released December 18, 2015

An Aaahh!!! Real Records Release


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